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Water Conservation Information

How do I conserve more water?

Water Conservation, a critical responsibility for all Texans, is the most vital thing we can do to ensure we always have enough.  To prepare for tomorrow, we must conserve today.

Why is this important?

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Just because Texas' population is expected to almost double, we can't say the same about our water supply.  Water Conservation is essential to ensure we have enough water for years to come.

What do I need to know and how can I help?

Be vigilant. Teach and encourage your children to save water when taking showers and brushing teeth.  Adults can run the dishwasher only when full, fix any leaks as soon as they're discovered and take shorter showers.

Water is limited. 

Texas has been under drought conditions for several years and if we don't start conserving now, we may face water shortages.  Water conservation is where we need to start, and your individual practices will help!

 See the brochures below for more water-saving information and tips!

Conserving_Water_Outdoors_brochure_2019.pdfHousehold_Wateruse_brochure_2019.pdfKids_education_brochure.pdfAgricultural-Water-Conservation-in-Texas.pdfIndustrialbrochure-final.pdfWater_Is_Limited_brochure_2019 (2).pdf