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About Us


General Manager: Angela Lance
Administrative Assistant: Allison Robertson
Field Technician: Shain Howard
Education Coordinator: Brianna Allred
Administrative Secretary: Charlotte Barnes

Current Board of Directors

President: Richie Tubb – Howard County Term Expires – May 2024

Vice President: Raymond Straub Jr. – Martin County Term Expires – May 2026


Brandon Borgstedt – At Large
Brad Tunnell – Martin County

Term Expires – May 2026
Term Expires – May 2024

About The District

Mission Statement: The Permian Basin Underground Water Conservation District will develop, promote, and implement management strategies to provide for the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging, and prevention of waste of the groundwater resources, over which it has jurisdictional authority, for the benefit of the people that the District serves.

The District was created on April 25, 1985.
The District serves all of Martin and most of Howard Counties.

Martin County: Population: 4,441
Land Area: 915 sq. miles

Howard County: Population Estimate- Rural area: 2,000
Land Area: 400 sq. miles

Cities/Towns: Ackerly, Forsan, Lenorah, Tarzan and Stanton

A local elected Board of Directors oversees the Districts Operations.