Each year the District will provide and distribute literature on rainfall harvesting to promote the conservation and efficient use of water.

The following are articles of interest on the topic of Rainfall Harvesting.

Why Harvest Rainwater
PBUWCD 2009 article

Rainwater Harvesting
PBUWCD 2010 June article

Rainwater harvesting increases in popularity across the state
PBUWCD 2011 July article

Rainwater Harvesting- Meeting Water Needs
PBUWCD 2012 April article

Come and Catch some rain Knowledge with PBUWCD!
PBUWCD 2013 April article

Harvesting Water for Our Future
PBUWCD 2014 article

Come Learn How to Build a Home Water System Solely Dependent on Rainwater
PBUWCD 2015 article

Water Reducing Gardening Practices Help to Save Water
PBUWCD 2016 article

Appropriate Maintenance of Lawns & Gardens Can Help Save Water
PBUWCD 2017 article

Many Enjoyed the 2018 PBUWCD Rainwater Harvesting Workshop
PBUWCD 2018 article

Gain Rainwater Harvesting Knowledge with the PBUWCD
PBUWCD 2019 article

The Value of Rainwater Harvesting
PBUWCD 2020 article

Capture Some Rainwater Harvesting Knowledge with the PBUWCD!
PBUWCD 2021 article